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 Why Visit Chettinad / Karaikudi?


Karaikudi and 74 other villages comprise Chettinad, the homeland of the Nattukottai Chettiars. The Chettiars were a prosperous banking community who ventured overseas to do business in Southeast Asia in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Their legacies are the fascinating houses of Chettinad they built. These are houses have to be seen to be believed and this would justify a trip to Chettinad

Just being discovered by the world, Chettinad is a rural area certain to surprise even the most discerning visitors. Apart from the houses, Karaikudi offers extensive antique shopping, weekly shandy [village market], a number of temples, visits to Craftsmen working with wood and metal, silversmiths and goldsmiths, attractive Textiles and most important the exciting Chettinad Cuisine.

Sadly, this legacy is fast disappearing. Unable to maintain these houses, the houses are rapidly crumbling and are being plundered for their antique contents. Some photographs showing the effect of this can be seen in "Here". We hope the development of Tourism will be an incentive for preserving this unique legacy.


The Bangala, the Tamil pronunciation of “The Bungalow” is a quaint Heritage Hotel, located on the outskirts of Karaikudi in a property that was built up over the last 75 years. Now is its nineth year as a Heritage Hotel, When visiting Karaikudi, Chettinad cuisine is something that you must try. It is spicy, original, and extremely tasty. If you would like to experience fine Chettinad home cooking at its finest, then visiting The Bangala is a definite must. This restaurant has an outstanding reputation for providing quality food that exhibits the best of the region without being too spicy for the tourists.  To experience the world famous Chettinad cuisine at this fine restaurant, make sure to book ahead. This restaurant is so popular that it is impossible to simply drop in for a bite to eat on a whim.


Tariff for lunch (including all taxes)


Of 5 persons and above (per person)    USD 15 / Rs.750         USD 15 / Rs.750

Of 4 persons and below (per person)    USD 20 / Rs.850         USD 20 / Rs.850

FOR THOSE PASSING THROUGH: Tour groups and visitors passing through Karaikudi could use The Bangala for lunches and freshening up on prior booking.


How can we reach Karaikudi?

It is so simple to explain.Karaikudy is located in between Madurai & Tanjore.Just 2.30 Hrs drive & 90 Kms distance  to both Tanjore & Madurai.

Hence if you travel in the circuit Madurai-Tanjore  -Pondicherry,then it can be re routed to Madurai(O/N)-Karaikudi(have Chettinadan lunch & palace visit)-Tanjore (O/N) As you are reaching Tanjore by late evening no further programmes are possible in Tanjore & hence advised to 02 Nights stay.


In the opposite way, you can select the travel circuit Mahabalipuram (O/N)-Pondicherry(O/N)-Tanjore (O/N)-Karaikudi Karaikudi(have Chettinadan lunch & palace visit)-Madurai(O/N).As you are reaching Madurai by late evening no further programmes are possible in madurai & hence advised to 02 Nights stay.

If you are too fascinated with the Chettinad lunch & Palace ,then you can make overnight stay in the BUNGALA palace with prior booking & the approximate tariff is Rs.6500.00 to Rs.7000.00/Night.

For more details & booking, send mail to info@indiadestinationtours.com or info@tickkerala.com

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