Chettiandu Mansion is a property in the heart of Tamil Nadu equidistant ( 80 km )from the much visited cities of Tanjore, Madurai and Trichy.
In contrast the area Chettinad is a quiet cluster of 75 villages.  Kanadukathan is one among them.  Chettinadu Mansion is in Kanadukathan.  Chettinad has also been declared as one of the Hidden Treasures of Tamil Nadu.

May we introduce Chettinadu Mansion our Heritage Home in Tamil Nadu , South India.

Chettinadu Mansion is a Heritage property in a village called Kanadukathan.
Kanadukathan falls in the National Highway 210 inbetween Tiruyamayam and Karaikudi.
It is 10 km from Tirumayam and 15 km before Karaikudi when one comes from  Trichy or Tanjore.
Chettinadu Mansion is a Huge Architectural Marvel spread over 40,000.00 sqft.  The size of  the marriage hall, tall pillars, beautiful balconies, and hidden lofts the size of a large room in the false ceilings are features typical of a by gone era of gracious living.  The lavish use of Burmese teak, Italian marble, and English steel is to be seen to be believed.
Chettinadu  Mansion is a Heritage Home bringing to its privileged clients the living style of  the Chettiars - the business tycoons of the South who made their lively hood  in Burma in the last century.
Chettinad, situated 2 hours away from Tiruchy, Tanjore and Madurai is equally famous for it astrological talents and of course the world famous Chettinadu Cuisine.

Chettinadu Mansion  is fully eqyipped to service clients and has 07 Air-conditioned double rooms, each with an attached bathroom, a dressing room and a private balcony with an open air shower.  These rooms are comfortably furnished with hand picked original Chettinad pieces.  The bedroom itself has been likened by one of our guests to the chambers of King Louis VI.     

Things to do


  1. A complete guided tour of  Chettinadu Mansion.

           Mansions other than Chettinadu Mansion and Palace - INR 50/- per person


  1. Bullock cart ride through the village or to the nearby railway station.

     (Kindly inform one day in advance).

     Subject to availability – INR 100/- per head


  1. Antique shopping at Karaikudi, ethnic saris are also available.

Guide charges are applicable


  1. Nadi Jolsiyam or Astrological consultations.

           May take min. 4 hours - INR 300/- per person.


  1. Visit to Athangudi Tiles factory

      INR 50/- per person


6.   Temple visit to Vairavan Patti Or Nemam Or Pillayar Patti

Special Pooja for the guest Rs 150/- per person


      Accompanying guide charges Rs. 300/- per guide/ per day


Places of interest near Chettinadu Mansion


Pudukkottai (29 kms) is the headquarter of Pudukkottai district. Once a princely state the area comprises of places of absorbing interest to historians, anthropologists, archaeologists and lovers of art. The cultural remains of Sittannavasal, Thirumayam and Avudayar Kovil are proofs of it’s rich cultural heritage.


Thirumayam (10 kms) contains a 40 acre wide Fort constructed in the year 1687 and is important in the history of the Thondaiman rulers of Pudukkottai and the British. Inside the fort are the Vishnu and the Siva temples which are of tourist attraction.


This fort is a perennial source for water. However dry the surroundings the fort has a deep, deep rock well which feeds the surrounding villages.

The cannon gun a top the fort is the original used to fight the British during the independence struggle.  The view from the fort tells one about life in these parts, unhurried and peaceful. A stretch of fields and grazing grounds to one side and temples  and village homes on the other.


The Shiva temple is cutout from the rock and may be reached by a ladder one person at a time only. It is a one room temple perched atop the ladder.


The Vishnu temple is behind the fort and has an unusual octagonal temple tank fed by the underground water source.

Five smaller forts may be seen around the main Thirumayam fort.



Avudayar Kovil (40 kms): Graceful life size sculptures in the Athmanatha Swami temple are of absorbing interest. His consort is known as Yogambal.  The temple is known for it’s Zephyr roof. There are no idols for the principal deities only the pedestals are worshipped. This mode of worship is attributed to St. Manicka Vasagar’s preaching of absolute monoism. The car of the temple is renowned for it’s wood carvings.


Why is Avudayar Koil different from the others

  1. Exception of Lord Shiva’s animal the Bull, Flag – staff, and Alter

  2. No idol

  3. Fire,sun and moon are the three eyes of the Lord

  4. When one walks across the isle in front of the Lord one’s shadow falls on Him

  5. Champhor is lit and is used only inside the sanctum sanctorium and is not brought out for the devotees.

  6.  Oblation of the stone dias

  7. The feet of the Goddess is worshipped as the Goddess has no human form.

Auvudayar Kovil - Local guide charges extra Min Rs 100/-


Sittanavasal (45 kms): The rock beds of Jains dating back to the 2nd century BC. There are 7 beds on rock called Ezhadipattam. The rock cut temple with it’s beautiful painting in natural colours is similar to those we find in Ajanta.

There is rock room with 03 Tritankaras in meditative posture. From the roof once hung a solid rock lotus, now found lying by the side of the monument.  This rock is room is special, as one makes the humming sound from deep within one’s stomach the whole room reverberates as if a hundred saints were in chant.


Pillayarpetti Temple ( 15 km )


This is a famous landmark in Chettinadu as Ganapathi the presiding Deity is worshipped before the start of anything auspicious. The sheer size of  Ganapathi  believed  to grow out of a rock is indeed unique. 

We can take them to some of these temples, take them near the sanctum sanctorium, have a special pooja conducted and get them honoured.

Many guests feel that this is the most important part of their entire visit

Temple visit to Vairavan Patti Or Nemam Or Pillayar Patti

Special Pooja for the guest Rs 150/- per person




Beautiful Chettinad saris are available at Karaikudi and on request the saris are brought to Chettinadu Mansion for purchase by the guests. The weaving center is simple, but the skill involved has been perfected over the past several years.  Designs are both traditional and modern to suit the taste of young and old.  Pure cotton and cotton silk materials are available.




An industry several years old and gaining popularity all over South India in recent times.  The mud in and around the village of Athangudi is special  and is used for making the tiles.  Now, even designer tiles are possible. The smoothness,polish, and design of these tiles are unique.  The laid out Athangudi tiles may be seen in Chettinadu Mansion.

Visit to Athangudi Tiles Factory – Rs 50/- per person


Music in Chettinadu Mansion


In the evenings a Nadaswaram recital may be arranged.  The guests can interact with the musicians and the talas and ragas will be played out with explanations.  The cost will be on a case to case basis.


Visit to a school in Kanadukathan


The guests may be taken to the local school to interact with the village children.  This has proved to be a delightful experience for both the guests and the children.


Nadi Jolsiyam or Astrological consultations


The predictions are read by specially trained readers from the palm leaves written thousands of years ago by the sages.  These palm leaves have been unearthed from various temple sites and are available in select places. One such reading center is in Karaikudi. (Kindly inform one day in advance).

May take min. 4 hours- INR 300/- per person.