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Destination Details Nagarhole


Destinations » KARNATAKA » Nagarhole

Nagarhole The Nagarhole or Rajiv Gandhi National Park is located in Karnataka at a distance of about 96 km from Mysore. It is also a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve that includes the famous Bandipur National Park, the Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu and the Wayanad Reserve in Kerala. About 650 sq kms in area, Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary is home to wide variety of flora and fauna. Kabini River flowing in the region bifurcates the boundaries of the two wildlife sanctuaries - Bandipur and Nagarhole - in Karnataka. The lush green vegetation, deep valleys, swamps and the crystal clear water of Kabini River flowing through the park make it an ideal habitat for a wide variety of wild life and a picture perfect destination for nature lovers. The area receives very high rainfall during monsoons, which supports numerous types of vegetation and wildlife here. Wildlife in Nagarhole National Park includes numerous varieties from powerful Tiger to tiny mouse. If you are a true lover of nature and wildlife then you can\\\'t afford to miss a safari tour available in Nagarhole National Park. A safari tour here offers you great sighting opportunities. You will notice that herds of chital wait on the other side till you pass. You can also choose an elephant safari provided by the Forest Department.

How to reach

  By Air

By Air

  The nearest airport is Bangalore airport about 225 km, which is linked to most parts of the country.  
  By Rail

By Rail

  The nearest Rail-head is Mysore about 95 km away.  
  By Road

By Road

  The nearest town is Kutta about 7 km. Major towns that are accessible by road are Mysore about 95 km and Bangalore about 225 km.  

Places to Visit

  The Nagarhole National Park  
  The Nagarhole National Park shares its huge boundary with the famous Bandipur National Park in Karanataka including the Mudumalai Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu and the Wayanad Reserve in Kerala; making it one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India. The gushing Kabini river creates a natural barrier between the two wildlife sanctuaries - Bandipur and Nagarhole - in Karnataka. Home to the jungle king, the Tiger and around 250 exclusive bird species, the Nagarhole National Park in Kerala covers about 643 kms of area. The Nagarhole national park is the sole habitat of several endangered wildlife species. The widely seen animals here include, the Tahr, dhole (wild dog), Asiatic elephant, leopard, panther, sloth bear, gaur, sambhar, deer, giant squirrel, langurs, wild dog, flying wild boar and many more like them. The Park is also a home to more than 250 types of bird species. Prominent among them are babbler, the Indian Pitta, Malabar trogon, bee-eater, bulbul, dove, crested serpent, hornbill, the great black woodpecker, Malabar pied, peacock, woodpecker, warbler, great Indian reed, eagle, crested hawk, golden-back parakeet, green imperial pigeon and many more. The marsh crocodiles, star tortoise, rat snakes, pythons, vipers, and varieties of lizards are also found here.  
  Other Attractions  
  The other attractive tourist spots around Nagarhole National Park are Kutta about 7 km is famous for Kali Festival, celebrated every year form mid-April to May. Irpu Falls situated about 14 km at the base of Brahmagiri Range provides you a spectacular view. You can also visit the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary situated at about 20 km from the park.  
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